Friday, October 31, 2008

Oh Well, Next year

Went out on the boat on Columbus Day weekend with Gene Bourque. We found a nice school of bluefish in Quicks' Hole. That was fun, but we were both looking for one more nice bass for the year. No such luck. Tons of people were out there for the final day of the Martha's Vineyard Fishing Derby. More boats than i had seen out there all year and we were out there early too.

Long story short(ish). Trimmed up my engine while fishing in close to some rocks. Left the engine in the water just barely and engine running. The trim motor ends up burning/shorting out on me and it would not go back down. Had to start heading back in early and it still took us nearly two hours to return. Normally a 20-25 minute drive. It's covered under warranty so I am optimistic. Boat is getting worked on and winterized at Edwards.

Thomas has officially caught the last bass of the season. We went to Parker's and he caught a 14" bass on a small Storm shad. Really cool. This was his first bass that he had casted, hooked and reeled in by himself. Doubt I will muster up the energy to fish one more time at Mashnee. Such a long haul to get there and now it is such a crap shoot as to whether or not there are fish.

I have to say that I had an awesome fishing season. I remember having an earlier post about trying to find the irony in how slow my season started. I think I learned a lot about fishing, family and me as a fisherman this year. I am not going to be one of those guys i read about that fish 5 nights a week between the hours of 2am and sunup. Isn't going to happen!! Sure I will do the occasional nighttime excursion, but not with enough regularity to compete with the likes of the local sharpies. I have come to realize that in the spring and fall (which happens to coincide with the best fishing for bass) I am just far too busy to fish like crazy. School is in session and our whole family revolves around a school schedule. Add the kids' spring sport schedule and it is hard to find any time to relax let alone fish.

My memories from this season will be:

1. The epic fishing at Mashnee during the first week of June. I caught and released multiple bass in the 20 lb. range.
2. Fishing the Elizabeth Islands including Cuttyhunk and catching bass on every trip. Almost a keeper every trip too.
3. Taking the boat out to Stellwagen Bank and watching the whales and searching for tuna.
4. Going out with the family in the boat and docking up in Onset and eating at Marc Anthony's.
5. Fishing in the same spot as other people that were catching nothing and hooking up on the 7" bone Hogy. Happened multiple times.

Tom's fishing blog will most likely become a Borning family blog for the next 6 months or so. :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Where did September go?

I can't believe September has come and gone. I think my grand total of fishing outings for the month was 2!! Only really upset that I wasn't able to get out there and try for the Albies that finally came in to Buzzards Bay the past couple weeks. Between the start of school, kids soccer, vacations and weather it has just been near impossible for me to find the time to get out there. In situations like this in the past I normally would sacrifice a little sleep in order to get some fishing in, but the fact is that for the whole month of September I was sleeping horribly. I had the worst case of allergies that I can remember since I was in high school. So, the amount of sleep I was getting was already compromised - forget about adding fishing to that! There were even a few nights that I was up from 2-4am blowing my nose and sneezing that I considered heading out to wet a line. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Only a few weeks left and the big bass are on the move through the canal. If wishes were horses (I still have no idea what that saying means) I would get out to the Elizabeths one more time on the boat and the west end of the canal a few more times sprinkling in some dock fishing at my October secret fishing spot, Parker's Boatyard. Thanks to Dr. Mosychuk I can actually breathe and sleep again. So maybe I will get some nighttime fishing in with eels and search for my first 30 lb. shore fish. Frankly, one more keeper bass would be nice no matter what the size plus I would love to get a couple big bluefish. Here's to hoping.