Friday, March 18, 2011

New Reel, What a Deal!

Christine got me a great gift certificate to Falmouth Bait and Tackle and I was looking forward to using to get a new reel for casting to tuna with a little left over to put towards a nice rod to put it on. Realistically this would have totaled about $300, $200 of which would have been covered by the gift certificate. Well as luck, or coincidence would have it I got a lead on a lightly used rod and it was being sold privately for $85. Normally the rod is about $160 or so new. I checked it out and it was in absolute pristine condition. No brainer, bought it. Now I could use my gift certificate on the new reel and have a little left over for a fighting belt. Perfect. Well, about 4 days after I bought the rod the guy emailed me a listing of someone selling the exact same reel I was in the market for at Falmouth Bait and Tackle. He was selling the reel for $100 which is about $50 cheaper than new. To top it off the reel was loaded with braid fishing line, about $50 worth or so. I had him swing by school during my lunch brake and again, it was in perfect condition and he had never even caught a tuna on it yet. Another no brainer. So, now I have a brand new rod and reel combo for casting to tuna and I paid exactly $185 for. When purchased new, including the line I would have spent well over $300. Now I have $200 to spend towards a fighting belt and plenty of money left over to buy some lures and maybe a gaff. This is the year I bring home some sushi!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sorry for the long time inbetween posts

Not sure why I stopped posting, it is a good way for me to relax and get some things off my chest.

Work - With my new job as Music Curriculum Coordinator in Falmouth it has been very challenging to balance my two responsibilities. Unfortunately every time I have a concert coming up is when my job gets really stressful. There are always administrative type duties that also come up at the same time that I am trying to get my 160 students ready to perform. In the past I could just focus on the concert, but those days are gone I guess. Hopefully this will get easier as the years progress, I think it will.

Family - The wife and kids are great. The kids are growing like weeds and are about ready to embark on the craziness of spring sports. Christine and I ran a 10K a week and a half ago which was great.

Fishing - I am looking forward to a great fishing season and I am hoping that the boat cooperates this year. Losing 6 weeks last year really sucked. I am hoping to get out on the tuna grounds a little bit more this year and have bought a rod that will help me get a fish to the boat. I am going to use a gift certificate I got for Christmas to get a new reel that will go on this rod to make a killer combo. Boating my first tuna is high on my list this summer. Gas prices being so high will be the only downer targeting tuna.