Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm a Famous Fisherman..........Not Really, but.......

This week marks the second time from this fishing season that I made the Falmouth Enterprise for my fishing exploits. The first time was actually because of the fish that I caught earlier this year when I got the 35#, 31# and 26# fish. Gene passed along this information to Dave Peros who writes for multiple fishing publications. The latest entry in the Enterprise was more about Gene's fish that he caught last weekend. Fishing has been slow and Capt. Peros wanted to point out that it still was possible to get some good fish. So, obviously I am not famous, but it is still really cool to get into the fishing section for some good reasons.

Monday, September 21, 2009

So Much Fun I Forgot to Catch

Yesterday morning I went out with Gene with a very specific plan. First, start out by fishing for bass and then after the sun came up, head to the Heights where the Albies have been lurking. The plan was well executed, mostly. Got to the hot spot from this season around the Elizabeth Islands and even though there were a couple boats already there Gene pulled in a nice 24 lb. bass on a 14" bone Hogy. Fished a little more and I missed one fish, but the sun came up and we headed to the Heights.

As soon as we got to Falmouth Harbor we started seeing the Albies crashing peanut bunker. We both had multiple shots at these fish and I did manage to hook up for about a half second before being bitten off. I went with the no leader approach. Argh!!! The only one we saw hook up was a kayaker. I was happy for him. Pretty cool.

Made the journey at full throttle from Falmouth Heights to Fiddler's Cove in a little over a half an hour. Awesome time. Got home took a shower and took the kids to church. It wasn't until a few hours after church that I realized I did not even catch a fish. I am not quite sure why, but I had an absolute blast chasing those fish around and it is an interesting feeling that when you are captaining a boat you feel at least a little responsible for other peoples' fish.

Here is a picture of Gene's fish which does not do it justice.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good Night

The other night we were able to take a couple hours as a family and get out on the boat and head off to Marc Anthony's for dinner. Flat calm seas and a gorgeous sunset were the highlights. I brought along the Albie stuff just in case they showed on top, but no action. Hoping to make a trip Sunday morning if the wind and weather cooperate. Here are a couple pics I shot of the sunset.