Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Or so I thought

Well after putting in the toilet I noticed it is leaking a little from the bottom. Long story short, after searching high and low for a flange that would fit around my existing PVC pipe I found a replacement that would fit into it and still allow me to drill the flange into the floor. No leaks between last night and this morning so it is looking good. The other problem I had was that when installing the vanity I needed to take out the top drawer in order to fit the plumbing. Christine and I both decided to just leave the top drawer as a false door. I managed to break off a screw in the door and make it look really crappy. Decided to bite the bullet and order another door front from the company and they are sending me one for free!! Not quite sure I can figure that one out, but who am I to argue that.

Couple small things on my list today. Put up the mirror, paint the patch on the ceiling I made and the small baseboard that I fixed yesterday. If I have time I will attempt to get the sink running. I have a feeling that might be problematic. Through trial and error I am pretty sure I can get that one done though.

Friday, January 8, 2010

The End is Near

I am so close I can taste it. I added the grout which came out great. I also patched some holes plus a part around the new ceiling fan/light where some of the cutout was showing. Yesterday I put in base boards. This was my first time doing this and I look forward to a second chance sometime because I messed up a little, but thankfully it will be blocked by the toilet and the vanity. The corners were my issue, but I know my mistake. Today after school I am going to sand the walls and caulk around the tub. When the caulk is dry and the dust is settled I am going to paint the base boards and then the walls. I should be able to come pretty close by the end of tonight I think. Tomorrow I will install the vanity and the toilet and put up some fixtures and the job will be done except for the new door. Going to have to wait on that.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Working on the Bathroom

Tried to give it a shot at being a handy man over winter break. It is tough. Our upstairs bathroom has been an eye sore for quite some time and finally I got the nerve up to give it a shot. First problem, the wood was peeling back from over the tub from years of moisture getting in. I had to rip out the wood, put up some blueboard and joint compound the pieces together. So far so good, but a little more time consuming then I had hoped. I was able to paint the window and heater and they both look nice. Next, the ceiling. The ceiling was covered with popcorn plaster. I scraped it all off and in most places got down to bare wood. Before going any further I bleached the entire bathroom to get rid of the mold. Then I put a layer of joint compound all over the entire ceiling, smoothed it out and sanded it. Filled in any holes with a second coat, sanded it again and painted it. Looks nice and most people would never know there is no plaster up there I think. Then I ripped out the vanity and filled in the wall behind it and prepped it to be painted. I took out the toilet too. Then came the hard stuff and luckily I had help. Paul and Brian came down yesterday and helped me tile the floor and rewire a ceiling light / fan combo that could be switched on individually. I am glad that I did not try the electrical part by myself, I never would have been able to do it. Brian did the tiling and I did some cutting, the tiles look great.

Still left to do. Next up is putting the grout in the tiles and putting on some sealer. When that is done I need to do a couple patches in the ceiling where the new light does not cover the old hole. Then I will sand the walls down and paint the walls. Then, I will need to install the vanity and the toilet and the bathroom is done. Whole new bathroom other than the tub. Phew! Hoping I can get it all done by Sunday. We'll see.