Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My "Before I Die" List

I know, I am only 33 and turning 34 in a week, why do I need a list like this already? I don't, but it is good to have one I think. I have some general goals in life like getting my kids safely through school and in to college and providing for my family etc. This list are things that I would really like, but do not necessarily have to have in order for my life to be complete. I know there was a movie called the "Bucket List" that featured Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman making sure they fulfilled all the listings on their lists and one of my favorite TV shows that bombed, Boomtown, had a character that was always checking off items on his list as well. Not sure how I am going to approach my list, but I came so close to fulfilling my dream of seeing a bald eagle in the wild last week that it got me to thinking. Why don't I put down the things I want on that list in print? I am sure that I will forget things, want to add things and maybe leave off some things that I might not want people to know. :) Here it is:

1. See a bald eagle in the wild. (I have seen some in captivity, but that doesn't count)
2. Catch a tuna.
3. Catch a tarpon on light gear.
4. Catch a 50# striped bass. (Asking a lot I know)
5. See a Red Sox game from the Monster Seats.
6. Go on a cruise in Alaska.
7. When I retire, get a sizable fishing boat with outriggers and has a bed.

The above list to me is all attainable. Sure there are plenty of things I wish. Like I wish I was wealthy and did not have to work. I wish my son did not have diabetes, but pipe dreams do not count in my list.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Great time

Had a great time in Columbia, MO with my dad. Saw some really neat museums and the Gateway Arch.

I was able to maintain my current weight while eating out a good amount. I ran close to 5 miles during the course of the week and I have continued since being home running over a mile yesterday. So far I have been able to keep my portions under control while avoiding the foods / desserts that I know have way too many calories / carbs. I am curious as to what my weight will look like at the end of this week while eating normal food, but less of it. Last week was still a plus for me because of all the eating out we did, but by not gaining and eating out for at least one meal (usually 2) I consider that a triumph in portion control.

While we were there I was almost able to cross off one of my items on my "Before I Die" list. More on that later.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Another 4 lbs.

Down 27 lbs. total now. Pretty psyched. Been eating a few carbs lately too, but in moderation. Last night was a pig out type of night, but it did not even come close to what I would have considered a pig out in the past. I had about 4 or 5 pieces of buffalo chicken, 2 pieces of regular chicken, one slice of small cheese pizza and some salad. I was quite surprised that when I weighed myself this morning I was down 5 lbs. from last weigh in in which I was up almost a pound.

Here comes the challenge. Going away for vacation. I know I can do it and I am going to work very hard at it. If I come back having not lost or gained i would be very satisfied with that, but to be honest I think I can still lose more. Maybe I am being unrealistic. We'll see.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

23, Time For a Change

Only lost one pound this past week. Not that happy with that, but considering I really do not have any physical activity whatsoever I really should not complain. I recall last time that I did the Atkins diet I hit a couple walls and this must be the first. Although last time I did it I started around the weight I am at now. Gulp!! The one major difference is that in my current job I have my own room that is not separate from my office. When i have down time here at Morse Pond I do not have 9 billion things to do like I did at the High School job either so often times I am just sitting at my computer. So, it is time to start getting active. Also, I think that I have the mental capacity to switch to a Weight Watchers type approach and I am going to start today. No matter what diet I am doing I am going to have to put in some time on a physical activity. This way I can eat what want and just eat less of it. I am still going to avoid the large carb items though. Pizza, bread, bagels. We will see how it goes.

Monday, February 2, 2009

22 and counting

Down 22 lbs. since January 5. Pretty psyched about it too. I have been working hard. Tough weekend this past weekend which included a birthday party packed with pizza and ice cream cake. Didn't touch it at all. Yesterday there was a lot of good eats at the Kerrigan's, but I managed to have small portions of chicken pot pie while avoiding the breading altogether. I did have a few chips with this really good dip, but that was minimal as well. Pretty happy considering I know how much I would have eaten in both of those circumstances in the past.

Fishing - Obviously not much to talk about because of the weather, but I still frequent the SurfTalk website and I really enjoy it. While doing the JDRF fundraiser for Thomas I met a couple fisherman who also have kids with diabetes. One of them, Colrain, is going to bring his 13 year old son and i am going to take them fishing in the spring. Can't wait.

New rod and reel. I am now kicking myself that when Christine told me to buy a new rod and reel while we were at the Trading Post in Maine I didn't pull the trigger. I feel really good about my light tackle and my heavy tackle. I think i am going to try and get a 7 1/2 foot rod that is capable of casting the soft plastics I like to throw, but can handle a bigger fish if it comes up. If I were to ever hook into a 20+ lb. bass on my little 6 foot freshwater rod I would be in deep trouble even though it has done well on fish in the teens. I will hold out for a good deal. In this economy there is sure to be some.