Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I am Insane!!

Can't believe I just did this. I just registered to run a half marathon. Crazy!! I must be losing it. It will be on February 28 in my old stomping grounds of Hyannis. I am rooting for an early spring I guess. As long as it is above freezing I will be fine, or maybe just no wind and I will live. I want to have a goal so I do not get fat this winter and maintain the weight loss that I started last January. But, a half marathon? The training alone is going to be a nightmare. I am feeling really comfortable with my 3 miles right now and could do 5 miles if I had to, or if I had the time or daylight to do so. 13 miles!! I am so stupid and possibly just pissed away $50. The $50 is a great motivation for me to get my act together and get ready for this thing though. As a direct descendant of "Mr. Cheapo" I cannot see myself not going to a race that I paid that much to enter. "Tom's Fishing Blog" will most likely turn into "Tom's Training Blog" over the next few months, but that works too. Not like I am going fishing anytime soon.