Friday, May 27, 2011

A Nice First

I couldn't believe my ears when TJ said, "Dad, can we go fishing after school?" awesome. I asked him where and he said, "on the boat". Unbelievable! Very excited about this. Not sure if the weather, fog or seas will cooperate for that trip to take place, but it sure was nice to hear him asking to go. If we get out and I can find the action from Wednesday he may just be hooked on fishing forever.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

First Trip of the Season

Yesterday I felt really sick and missed school. ;) ;) ;)

After dropping Gwen off at school I got in the boat and met Gene at the Falmouth boat ramp at 9am. The plan was to go to middle ground and hope that some nice bass would be searching for squid. We got there and the tide was not set up right and when we went back at the end of the trip it was slack tide. Fortunately that was the only bad news of the day.

When things weren't working out at middle ground we moved towards Robinson's Hole and found a ton of birds. Getting up in there we happened upon a massive school of bait that was getting hammered by bass. The 7" bone Hogy stuck out just enough from the bait that the fish hit it. The fish were not huge, but they were plentiful. We left the madness in search of more fish and went towards Quicks' Hole. More birds and bait, but this time, bluefish. I love the battle a bluefish gives you, awesome. After that we started working back towards Falmouth and every mile or so there were birds working and there was a ton of bait, bluefish and/or bass. At one point there was a bait ball so big under the boat I thought I was drifting over a rock.

Around 1pm the tide died out so we headed in. Overall an outstanding day on the boat. Beautiful weather, boat worked great and the fish were plentiful. I hope that this bait is a sign of good things to come for the Elizabeth Islands this year. Last year they did not really live up to their reputation.

Friday, March 18, 2011

New Reel, What a Deal!

Christine got me a great gift certificate to Falmouth Bait and Tackle and I was looking forward to using to get a new reel for casting to tuna with a little left over to put towards a nice rod to put it on. Realistically this would have totaled about $300, $200 of which would have been covered by the gift certificate. Well as luck, or coincidence would have it I got a lead on a lightly used rod and it was being sold privately for $85. Normally the rod is about $160 or so new. I checked it out and it was in absolute pristine condition. No brainer, bought it. Now I could use my gift certificate on the new reel and have a little left over for a fighting belt. Perfect. Well, about 4 days after I bought the rod the guy emailed me a listing of someone selling the exact same reel I was in the market for at Falmouth Bait and Tackle. He was selling the reel for $100 which is about $50 cheaper than new. To top it off the reel was loaded with braid fishing line, about $50 worth or so. I had him swing by school during my lunch brake and again, it was in perfect condition and he had never even caught a tuna on it yet. Another no brainer. So, now I have a brand new rod and reel combo for casting to tuna and I paid exactly $185 for. When purchased new, including the line I would have spent well over $300. Now I have $200 to spend towards a fighting belt and plenty of money left over to buy some lures and maybe a gaff. This is the year I bring home some sushi!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sorry for the long time inbetween posts

Not sure why I stopped posting, it is a good way for me to relax and get some things off my chest.

Work - With my new job as Music Curriculum Coordinator in Falmouth it has been very challenging to balance my two responsibilities. Unfortunately every time I have a concert coming up is when my job gets really stressful. There are always administrative type duties that also come up at the same time that I am trying to get my 160 students ready to perform. In the past I could just focus on the concert, but those days are gone I guess. Hopefully this will get easier as the years progress, I think it will.

Family - The wife and kids are great. The kids are growing like weeds and are about ready to embark on the craziness of spring sports. Christine and I ran a 10K a week and a half ago which was great.

Fishing - I am looking forward to a great fishing season and I am hoping that the boat cooperates this year. Losing 6 weeks last year really sucked. I am hoping to get out on the tuna grounds a little bit more this year and have bought a rod that will help me get a fish to the boat. I am going to use a gift certificate I got for Christmas to get a new reel that will go on this rod to make a killer combo. Boating my first tuna is high on my list this summer. Gas prices being so high will be the only downer targeting tuna.