Friday, January 9, 2009

Jiving at 5

Since starting Wii Fit and weighing in I am down 5 pounds. Not sure how much stock I put in the Wii fit scale, but most likely it is right that I am at least losing weight. For some reason I have always been able to lose (or gain, unfortunately) weight really quick. I remember in college when i was between girlfriends and I wanted to lose a little weight my diet consisted of: not eating out, not getting seconds at the Dining Commons, not drinking soda. I would lose weight within weeks doing this and since I only needed to lose a few pounds back then it was easy and quick. Now, because I am a fat a$$ I need to work at it for longer amounts of time. Plus, I have developed really bad eating habits so i need to go on a more restricted diet.

I have come to the conclusion that so much of dieting is mental. Duh!! Just being able to fight through some cravings by drinking more fluids or eating celery, cucumbers or pickles is huge. Christine and I have a little saying that we have not used in awhile (which may have something to do with my current weight). "I think I am going to have sleep to eat" This is because we are both always ready for a nighttime snack around 9 o'clock or so. When we have tried to watch or weight in the past we would say this line and just go up to bed.

Well, off to a good start and I am hoping that I can keep it going. In the past on this diet the bulk of my weight loss happened in the first three weeks so we'll see.

Side note - Got a new camera for Christmas from Christine. Hopefully I can learn to use it correctly and post more pictures into this blog.

Thursday, January 8, 2009 new Year! Wii

Restarting the Atkins diet again. It has become very uncomfortable to tie my shoes. So far, so good. Although I just realized that cucumbers have carbs. Bummer! I am up to 293, the heaviest i have ever been as far as I know. In the '03-'04 school year I went on the Atkins diet and was able to lose 40 lbs. This time I am hoping to lose that 40 lbs. and keep it off by switching to a more realistic type of diet like Weight Watchers. I was happy with the Atkins diet last time I did it and even after i stopped I was able to keep it off for a couple months before i restarted my Master's program at UMASS. That was the beginning of the end being around all the food hangouts of old and needing to eat out for all of my meals for three days a week.

This time I am hoping to have that 40 lbs. off around May and keep it off. The big challenges that i see ahead are a vacation to see my dad in February and the fact that I am teaching at Boston Conservatory this July. I am a bit nervous of the easy food places that i will be able to hit during that time.

I remember last time I did Atkins I thought about food non-stop. After i ate and in-between meals i just thought about what i would be eating next. The tough part about this diet is making sure that there is food ready to be eaten. Steak, chicken, eggs etc. all take time to prepare and are not easily brought or made at work!

Wii. Santa brought us a Wii for Christmas and it is really cool. We have Wii Sports and Wii Fit. Between boxing and hula-hooping I can actually get a pretty good workout in my living room in 20 minutes or so. Better than nothing and I am just way too cheap to get a gym membership.