Friday, May 27, 2011

A Nice First

I couldn't believe my ears when TJ said, "Dad, can we go fishing after school?" awesome. I asked him where and he said, "on the boat". Unbelievable! Very excited about this. Not sure if the weather, fog or seas will cooperate for that trip to take place, but it sure was nice to hear him asking to go. If we get out and I can find the action from Wednesday he may just be hooked on fishing forever.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

First Trip of the Season

Yesterday I felt really sick and missed school. ;) ;) ;)

After dropping Gwen off at school I got in the boat and met Gene at the Falmouth boat ramp at 9am. The plan was to go to middle ground and hope that some nice bass would be searching for squid. We got there and the tide was not set up right and when we went back at the end of the trip it was slack tide. Fortunately that was the only bad news of the day.

When things weren't working out at middle ground we moved towards Robinson's Hole and found a ton of birds. Getting up in there we happened upon a massive school of bait that was getting hammered by bass. The 7" bone Hogy stuck out just enough from the bait that the fish hit it. The fish were not huge, but they were plentiful. We left the madness in search of more fish and went towards Quicks' Hole. More birds and bait, but this time, bluefish. I love the battle a bluefish gives you, awesome. After that we started working back towards Falmouth and every mile or so there were birds working and there was a ton of bait, bluefish and/or bass. At one point there was a bait ball so big under the boat I thought I was drifting over a rock.

Around 1pm the tide died out so we headed in. Overall an outstanding day on the boat. Beautiful weather, boat worked great and the fish were plentiful. I hope that this bait is a sign of good things to come for the Elizabeth Islands this year. Last year they did not really live up to their reputation.