Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Good Times

Not the amazing place in Somerville with all the pool tables, batting cages and video games, but actual good times. While watching a hockey game on NESN I saw an ad for a Boston Blazers lacrosse game coming up on Saturday. With Christine away for the weekend at a music conference I figured I would check it out. I ended up getting nose bleed seats for $12 a piece. I took the kids to Chiara first for dinner which was delicious as always. We entered the TD Banknorth Garden and proceeded up the series of escalators to the top. When we got there a Blazers representative was there offering us free upgraded tickets. Low and behold, sixth row!! The game was a blast and I am not sure how the players were able to concentrate or communicate with all of the loud music playing. First pro game that I have ever attended that has blaring loud music while the game is going on. I can honestly say that I did not hear one whistle the entire game, and there were many, even when the refs were 20 feet away from us. Got some good pics and here they are.