Wednesday, June 24, 2009

C'mon tomorrow!!

Haven't been fishing a bunch, but just a little here and there. I haven't caught a fish in a while now and it feels a little uncomfortable. The weather has been absolutely disgusting!! A three day Nor'easter was not exactly jiving with the beginning of my summer vacation.

Father's Day - Christine was not feeling well and she said go get a new rod at Red Top. Admittedly, I went a little over board, but what I ended up with is so awesome. I got a Tsunami Trophy 10' rod just like the other one I got but longer. This time I got a really good reel too. This is the best reel I have ever had. A Daiwa Emblem Pro 5500. A hard core surf casting reel.

Tomorrow I am planning on leaving around 4am or so to go out and fish along the Elizabeths. I always look forward to fishing around here and I hope that the fog is not too bad so that I can get there safely.

Here is a pic of my new reel.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Depression is setting in

Went to Mashnee Island last night and only managed a blowup on a pencil popper that did not result in a hookup. Very depressing!! Since catching a keeper for my first fish they have all managed to get progressively smaller up until the last few weeks of successive skinks!! No fish!! Yes, I do not get out there as much as some others do, but usually I can count on a bluefish or a schoolie. Nope!! To top it all off, Mike Earley went to middle ground yesterday and boated over a dozen bass. This has just not been my spring. Last year I remember it took me until well into May to get my first fish, but when I finally did it was that great week at Mashnee. I really need a fever so I can get sent home and be quarantined away from school for 7 days for fear of swine flu. That will give me ample time to get build up some hours on the water and get some fish. To top it all off I am still dealing with my fishing rod issue. I have my big surf rod and a couple Wal-Mart specials, but nothing that will throw 7" Hogy's like I like to do. I will figure it out one of these days, but right now I am majorly bummed out.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Good Times with good people

Bad news first - Been fishing three times on the boat so far and I am 3 for 3 with the skunk. last time out I at least saw fish and had a couple hits, but unfortunately I was unable to hook up. Worst of it is that I snapped off a lure at the same time the top section of my brand new rod came off. Long story short I am going to have to buy a new top section of my Tsunami Trophy. To make it worse, my back up rod which was my full time rod for the past two seasons lost its tip on the last trip out. Not my week I guess!!!

Good news - Other than raising over $1000 for JDRF this past fall the other good thing that came from that big fundraiser was that I befriended a fellow SOLer that also has a son with Type 1 diabetes, Colrain.

I took Colrain and his son, Garrett out on my boat on Saturday to fish around the Vineyard and Elizabeth's. Got out to the Vineyard and within' a few casts I had fish sloshing all over my Hogy, but Colrain hooked up. I thought this was going to be too good to be true and it was. No other hook ups the rest of the day, but we saw a lot of skittish and finicky fish which at least kept our hopes up throughout the day. Garrett raised more fish than both Colrain and I, but unfortunately never hooked up. He even had some hits around the Elizabeths during the turn of the tide, but still no solid hookups.

Just wanted to let everyone know that just being out on a boat (Garrett's first time on a boat by the way) with nice people is well worth it even if you do not catch a ton of fish. I had a blast!

Hope to do it again sometime Colrain and we will take some eels along the rocks of the Elizabeths.